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McClairen's Isle -The Passionate One
Connie Brockway

No woman could resist the pleasures he offered....

They are the Merricks, two brothers and a sister, restless, daring, proud. English by birth, they came to Scotland with their father to occupy McClairen lands. And there each would find a love as wild and glorious as the Highland isle they claimed as their own.

Fia, the only daughter, is the ravishing one. Raine, the second son, is the reckless one. Ashton is the eldest son. This is his story. . . .

The Passionate One
He was a notorious rogue with a reputation for hell-raising and heartbreaking. But family secrets forced Ashton Merrick to do his ruthless father's bidding--and escort Rhiannon Russell back to McClairen's Isle. Ash suspected that his father intended to make the innocent beauty his fourth wife. But he didn't expect the passions she would ignite in his own wary heart.

Watch for the next two books in the breathtakingly romantic McClairen's Isle trilogy, The Reckless One and The Ravishing One, coming soon from Dell.


From Publishers Weekly

Ash is a smoldering, contained (hence his name) Scotsman; Rhiannon is a fiery young Scotswoman whose clan was destroyed by Ash's people when she was a child. Rhiannon's 10 years of safety and freedom from fear in the village of Fair Badden abruptly end a few weeks before her scheduled wedding to Squire Watt's youngest son, Phillip. When cynical Ashton MerrickAthe eldest son of a deceased Scottish mother and a dissolute, sadistic English fatherAarrives in Fair Badden, he is surprised at the uncomplicated kindness he encounters in the village and is even more astonished to realize he's falling in love with Rhiannon. The remnants of Ash's suspicious nature prove ultimately advantageous, however: he is the only one to realize that certain recent "accidents" involving the penniless Rhiannon are actually threats to her life. Unfortunately, whisking her to McClairen's Isle offers no sanctuary, as Ash discovers his father has far more sinister plans for Rhiannon than making her his fourth wife. Skullduggery, bitter English-Scottish hatreds and harrowing cat-and-mouse pursuits fill the ebb and flow of this 18th-century romance, the first volume of the McClairen's Isle trilogy by veteran romance writer Brockway. (June)
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From Library Journal

Forced by circumstances beyond his control, Ashton Merrick arrives in Fair Badden to escort Rhiannon Russell back to Wanton's Blush, his despised father Lord Carr's glittering and decadent home, where Rhiannon will either become Carr's new ward or his fourth wife. Unfortunately, Ash never counted on falling in love with Rhiannon, who finds herself caught between her desire for Ash and what she thought was love for her fianc?. An undercurrent of danger ripples through this exquisite romance, set in the 1700s, and Brockway's lush, lyrical writing style is a perfect match for her vivid characters, beautifully atmospheric settings, and sensuous love scenes. Readers will be delighted to learn that McClairen's Isle is the first in a trilogy featuring the Merrick siblings. Brockway (My Dearest Enemy, Dell, 1998) lives in Edina, MN.AJC, SM
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Título original McClairen's Isle -The Passionate One
Idioma Inglés
Publicación 1999
Editorial Dell
Categoría Novela Romántica

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